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Geographical Presence Tongaat Hulett has more than 40,000 employees working in about 25 locations in 6 countries, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Tongaat Hulett Starch does not offer jobs in exchange for money

Tongaat Hulett Starch follows sound and fair recruitment processes, and as such, an offer of employment would never be subject to a candidate making any form of payment.

Please be aware that if you are approached and offered a position in exchange for money, this is fraudulent. Further we only post jobs that are available via "Careers @ THS" on our website. If you see a position posted on any website other than our portal, this is fraudulent.

We encourage you to report it anonymously on our 365/24/7 FreeCall Tip-offs Anonymous service – 0800 21 21 87 or


Glucose syrups and maltodextrins are used to improve sweetness, texture, meltdown, and overrun of ice cream. Maltodextrins can be used to replace fats without deterioration of texture and mouthfeel. Starches and syrups can be used to thicken and sweeten yoghurts.

    Dairy Products
  • HDE
  • Glucose 45
  • Confectioners Blend
  • Standard 43
  • Standard 44
  • Dridex 9
  • Unidri 20
    Ice Cream
  • Dridex 30
  • Unidri 20
  • Dextrose Monhydrate
  • Stycros H
  • Stycros M
  • Hydex
  • Dextrose Monohydrate
  • Styflo CS
  • Styflo AWM
  • Stywax AWM
  • Stywax HP
  • Stygel H
  • Stygel M
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