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geographical presence

Geographical Presence Tongaat Hulett has more than 40,000 employees working in about 25 locations in 6 countries, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Tongaat Hulett Starch does not offer jobs in exchange for money

Tongaat Hulett Starch follows sound and fair recruitment processes, and as such, an offer of employment would never be subject to a candidate making any form of payment.

Please be aware that if you are approached and offered a position in exchange for money, this is fraudulent. Further we only post jobs that are available via "Careers @ THS" on our website. If you see a position posted on any website other than our portal, this is fraudulent.

We encourage you to report it anonymously on our 365/24/7 FreeCall Tip-offs Anonymous service – 0800 21 21 87 or

Socio Economic Development

We touch lives

Tongaat Hulett Starch is committed to touching the lives not only of our customers and their consumers but of our employees, their families and communities at large.

Touching the lives of our communities

As a responsible corporate citizen we believe in building and enhancing the quality of life of the communities in which we operate with particular emphasis on historically disadvantaged communities.

With the help of the section 21 company, LUSA (formerly known as The Vaal Community Chest) we were able to identify the following community centers that we believed could benefit from self sustaining mini bakeries;

The Ikageng Day Care Centre for the Elderly
New BeginningsThe newly installed Ikageng mini bakery offers employment to 4 people and sells bread and other baked goods to 20 crèches in the area.

New Beginnings – A home for people with ‘no homes’
The mini bakery at New Beginnings provides bread to over 520 people who live at the facility. In addition, New Beginnings donates a surplus of the bread to the roadside soup kitchen in Commissioner Street and to the residents of the nearby Jerusalem informal settlement.

Mini bakeryThese mini bakeries have offered employment, skills development, hunger relief and poverty alleviation to these chosen communities. To ensure the sustainability and success of the mini bakeries, training was provided to the appointed staff on installation and bakery managers are required to submit weekly production reports to Siyabonga Africa, the organization that provided the equipment and ongoing training for the project.

Crime Prevention Initiatives
Bedfordview Community Policing Forum
Tongaat Hulett Starch supports the Bedfordview Community Policing Forum through monthly donations with the aim to help reduce and prevent crime in the area.

Touching future lives

Tongaat Hulett Starch believes that the best way to invest in the future of our country and our world at large is by contributing to the education and empowerment of our youth.

Ithuba Farming Project
Ithuba Farming ProjectOur passion for education and empowerment has led to a partnership with Buhle Farmer’s Academy, a Section 21 company and a registered Educational Trust which provides skills, training and support to emerging commercial farmers at a residential college in Delmas. This Academy is funded by grants from different partners and Tongaat Hulett Starch donates R500 000.00 annually to help them achieve their objective to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable economic development in South Africa.

Tongaat Hulett Starch further nominates 10 of the best performing graduates from Buhle Farmer’s Academy to participate in a hands-on training program based in a dedicated residential training centre at Kliprivier mill. This program is called Ithuba Farming Project – Ithuba means opportunity. The aim of this program is to boost the number of sustainable black commercial maize farmers, transfer skills and create a network of successful, emerging black farmers.

Working in this practical environment, the students get an opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills under the supervision of a mentor. The students gain valuable experience in decision making, team work, troubleshooting, planning and budgeting, skills which will help them to successfully manage their own farms in the future an experience that will enable to secure funding from financial institutions.

These students plant maize on 130 hectares of land and the harvest is sold to Tongaat Hulett Starch. The revenue produced by these farms will be distributed among the students enabling them to fund their own farming ventures and a portion is used to off-set the farming cost for the next batch of 10 students from the Academy.

After completing their training at the Ithuba facility, the students continue more hands-on training on a bigger scale at our farms in the Grootvlei area, these farms are leased from the government and help to further equip them for the real world. Training at these farms lasts for three years; empowering students with the experience and skill to run their own farms.

New Beginnings Computer Centre
New Beginnings Computer CentreTongaat Hulett Starch continued to touch future lives when we donated 25 second hand computers to The New Beginnings Computer Centre in Boksburg, aimed at giving residents an opportunity to acquire basic computer skills. . By providing these residents with the necessary knowledge to survive in a world where technology is of paramount importance, we hope to expand their employment opportunities and contribute to the well being of not only the individuals but the community as a whole.

Winsley Primary School Tongaat Hulett Starch recently also upgraded the memory, hardware and processors of all the computers at Winsley Primary School in Bellville South. The now faster and more efficient computers will ensure that their valuable class time is spent learning and not waiting for the page to load, allowing these pupils to access valuable information at the click of a mouse, faster than they ever could have imagined possible.

Carel du Toit Centre
The Carel du Toit Centre in Bellville caters for children with hearing disabilities. Tongaat Hulett Starch donated R60 000.00 to the renovation of their Grade 1-3 classrooms. The school used the money to install dry walling - an acoustic enhancer and retainer, making it easier for the pupils to hear and concentrate on their school work without external sound disturbances.

Kasselvlei Technical High School
Kasselvlei Technical High SchooThe team at our Bellville Mill refurbished the artisan workshop at the Kasselvlei Technical High School in Bellville. With a new coat of paint, some much needed tools and a soldering station, the pupils are now able to cut, grind, solder and create works of craftsmanship and art.

Career Guidance Day

Career Guidance DayAs part of our ongoing student support programme the Kliprivier mill recently hosted 96 Grade 12 pupils from Meyerton High School in Kliprivier on a career day. Aimed at providing Grade 12 students with the necessary knowledge for successful application into either higher education or the working world, the students were treated to presentations by different managers in their fields and an opportunity to tour the plant. Each student received a booklet that contains all the information they need regarding financial institutions, colleges, universities, and templates for bursary applications and CV’s.

Lucille’s Day Care Centre
Lucille’s Day Care Centre

Lucille’s Day Care Centre is run by a lady named Ursula. Ursula decidedto open a day care centre when she learnt that parents in the area were forced to lock up their children alone in their rooms while they were at work because they could not afford to send them to crèches.

Ursula currently cares for 70 children ranging from babies to school going children who come there after school to do their homework and enjoy ameal.Ursula approached us for a playground where the kids would Lucille’s Day Care Centrebeable to play and enjoy the outdoors.

Our team put up a jungle gym, painted the walls with bright colourful paint, laid a lawn and planted a vegetable garden where Ursula and the kids are able to grow their own vegetables for their daily meals.

Touching our Families’ lives

Our employee Wellness Program - Takuwani
Tongaat Hulett Starch recognises that healthy employees are productive employees! It is for this reason that Tongaat Hulett Starch has partnered with Right To Care (RTC) and ICAS to provide all our employees with a holistic and all-inclusiveWellness programme - Takuwani.

Right To Care offers extensive 24 hour Support, Care and Clinical Management for HIV infected individuals, while ICAS provides a 24 hour counselling, personal support and information service.

We strongly believe that by encouraging healthy choices and habits among our employees we are building stronger, healthier families, communities and a nation.

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